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Garden Slack Guidelines

🌹 Mission: To support EXTRAORDINARY people, while providing a new way to work that treats everyone with DIGNITY and ACCESS TO OPPORTUNITY.

🌹 We are inclusive, kind and courteous. No bullying/hate speech/discrimination/bad vibes are tolerated. Like zero tolerance. If you see it, please report it. If you violate this policy, we will remove you from The Garden. 

🌹 We want everyone to feel comfortable here, so sharing your work and asking for community support is a-okay! Please avoid soliciting and recruiting for projects posted by outside organizations.

🌹 We are in the business of entrepreneurship. We are a small but mighty team working hard for you every day. We promise our Talent Experience (TX) team will be in touch when you are a match for a project opportunity!

🌹 We are thoughtful. The more thoughtful and thorough your questions are, the better the answers will be. We want everyone to feel heard and have the best experience possible. 

🌹 We are organized and efficient. Be sure to post in the appropriate channel so that we can get you the correct answers and make sure that you are connecting with the best people. 

🌹 We want you to make positive connections with other members of the community and so we encourage you to be yourself. 

🌹 We are in this together. We trust every Rosie will follow these guidelines so The Garden can flourish. Please don’t be a weed in our Garden. We hate having to pull weeds.

🌹 We ask that you don’t use @here or @channel when posting to any channel in our Garden Slack. Our community team will sometimes use these to make announcements or draw attention to important information.

🌹 Please ask someone in a public channel before DMing them. We want you to connect with each other, but we also want to avoid any potential harassment. If you are receiving unsolicited DMs, please let us know.

🌹 No backlink or guest post spam. You are more than welcome to ask for quotes or expertise but avoid swapping links. We will remove these posts. 

For technical issues with The Garden or Garden Slack, please contact garden@wearerosie.com. For questions about an application or opportunities, please contact community@wearerosie.com


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