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Garden Guidelines

🌹 We are inclusive, kind and courteous. No bullying/hate speech/bad vibes are tolerated. Like zero tolerance. We like to keep things light, but we are really serious about this.

🌹 We are respectful of everyone’s time. We are respectful of everyone’s time. We want everyone to feel comfortable here, so sharing your work and asking for community support is a-okay! Please just avoid soliciting and recruiting for projects posted by outside organizations.

🌹 We are in the business of entrepreneurship. We are a tiny but mighty team hustling hard for you every day. We promise our Talent Experience (TX) team will be in touch when you are a match for a project opportunity!

🌹 We are in this together. We trust every Rosie will follow these guidelines so The Garden can flourish. Please don’t be a weed in our Garden. We hate having to pull weeds.


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